Mobile Billboards in Columbus

Mobile Billboards in Columbus

MSA Rank: 36
Population: 616,000
Daily Effective Circulation: 26,853
Daily Commute Time: 23.2 minutes
Population Density: 2,145

Call us at 800 634-0976. We offer truck advertising with mobile billboards in Columbus, Ohio as well as nearby Reynoldsburg, Delaware, Mansfield, Dublin and Worthington with mobile outdoor media in Columbus and Columbus Metro from American Mobile Ads. We can also provide mobile billboard truck advertising or LED digital mobile advertising in Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Akron and all over Ohio.

The city of Columbus and the Columbus metro area is ideal for mobile billboard advertising. Advertise in Columbus and all of Ohio's many professional and collegiate sporting events with mobile billboards.  

Columbus, Ohio has a thriving infrastructure and business community and many busy interstate, local and federal highways which make it a great place for billboard truck advertising.


We can travel to your specific target matket, anytime, anywhere in Columbus, every day of the year.