Mobile Billboards in Akron / Cleveland / Canton

Mobile Billboards in Akron / Cleveland / Canton

MSA Rank: 13
Population: 2,169,000
Daily Effective Circulation: 32,472
Daily Commute Time: 24.3 minute
Population Density: 2,285

Call 800 634-0976 for Mobile Billboard Advertising Trucks and Digital LED Video Trucks. Akron, Cleveland and Canton are, more or less, one large metro market that is a perfect match for truck advertising with mobile billboards.

Cleveland is a city on Lake Erie and is a popular destination for visitors. We can also advertise with backlit billboard trucks in the Ohio cities of Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Cincinnati, Columbus and of course Columbus and Columbus Metro as well as the entire state of Ohio.

Cleveland, Ohio was founded in 1796  on the banks of Lake Erie by Moses Cleveland. Cleveland is undergoing something of a cultural renaissance with a vast array of attractions in the theater and entertainment districts as well as it's museums and night life and, of course, a varied assortment of professional sporting events. Cleveland is also home to the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center, and also the new Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Let our mobile billboard advertising trucks take your message on the road in Cleveland, Ohio.

Settlers arrived along the Cuyahoga River and the Ohio and Erie Canal in what would later become Akron in the early 1800's. The area was an early manufacturing center, that included numerous pottery and clay products companies and a thriving agricultural hub. Akron's economy later grew to include heavy industry, including the bulk of the world's tire & rubber business  as well as Aviation Plastics and other rapidly growing commercial interests of the 20th century.

Akron was founded by General Simon Perkins in 1825. Akron is located about 30 miles south of Cleveland in Summit County. Akron is the birthplace of the rubber industry as well as a technological and the polymer science capital of the world. Akron is the birthplace of NBA All-Stars LeBron James and Steph Curry.

LeBron James currently lives in Bath Township just outside of Akron. Akron has produced musical Talent such as the Black Keys, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, New Wave band Devo and various other progressive rock bands. Akron's largest employers are Summa Health system's and Summit County Government.

South of Akron, is Canton, Ohio which is the home of the Hoover vacuum cleaner company, and the Timken and Diebold companies. Canton was also the home of President William McKinley. Millions of people per year visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame which is a popular tourist attraction in Canton.

Canton, Ohio was founded in 1805 along the western and middle branches of Nimishillen Creek. Canton is located 24 miles south of Akron, Ohio and 60 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio. Canton is located along U.S. Route 62, Interstate 77U.S. Route 30 and historic Lincoln Highway.


American Mobile Ads has a knowledgeable outdoor advertising consultant ready to assist you in Akron, Cleveland Canton, Ohio. We also offer LED digital billboard trucks. Mobile billboards and billboard trucks are the most cost saving way to advertise. Mobile billboard truck advertising takes your mobile billboard message directly to the consumers at street level where they work, live, commute and play. 

American Mobile Ads can provide mobile billboards in your state, city or metropolitan market or in multiple locations in the case of regional and national advertising campaigns.