About Us

American Mobile Ads can coordinate mobile digital or static mobile billboard advertising for campaigns within any state and across the nation. Increase top of mind awareness, return on investment and consumer recall rates by marketing your, company, prodct, service or organization.

American Mobile Ads will put together a mobile outdoor advertising campaign to fit your out of home advertising needs.  Call us at 800 634-0976.  Email bill@AmericanMobileAds.com

Call or Email us to get your message on the road. Mobile billboard advertising, also known as outdoor mobile media, is a versatile and cost-effective means of getting your message to your target market.  

While other forms of advertising can be important components to your campaign, few can match the price per impression or the speed to market as that of an advertisement on outdoor rolling billboards. Big signs rolling down the road get noticed!

Call 800-634-0976. Email bill@AmericanMobileAds.com